Saturday, August 3, 2013

17 Months (I thought I already did this)

Another month, holy cow! I don't have babies anymore :(

This month really makes me realize that my baby boys are no longer, I have two toddlers and it is bitter sweet. I know this shouldn`t be a huge realization but it just clicked. I am very excited about what life has in store for us but I would be lying if I said I wasn`t a bit (or a lot) sad that you are growing up so fast. I think knowing that I can`t and won`t have another baby, like ever, makes it even more sad. Don`t get me wrong, I am not complaining, lord knows at one time in my life (not that long ago) I thought I would never have a baby so I appreciate every minute with my boys. I literally still cry (a little too often) when I am looking into my son`s eyes. I am actually kind of lucky (probably what I tell myself to hoping one day I actually believe it) because I cherished every second with my guys knowing I wouldn`t experience it again. However if I was younger and had some good eggs I would love to have more babies(I used to hate greedy people like myself who had kids and complained about wanting more).

I am pretty sure you are going to be a total comedian. You are so funny to us already and you don`t really speak. You have comedic timing and squel with delight when you find something funny. You are sensitive too though. When your brother is upset you often walk over to him and give him your soother (and you LOVE your soother). You also love playing catch with mommy but take breaks to put your head on my lap or to climb up on my lap. For some reason you yelp every time I throw your ball to you, you think it is the funniest thing in the world.
This month we said goodbye to bottles. For the last little while we just gave you a bottle after your bath but we decided to try to eliminate it (I have heard you are supposed to ween off of  bottles at 16 months). I started giving you milk with your dinner instead of water. Sometimes you do have a snack before bed but most nights you are fine with nothing. You eat everything I give you and you often walk to the pantry and try to help yourself to the cookies. You love to say cook (cookie) and crack (cracker) because those are your favourite snacks. I am so excited to hear you talk that I generally have a hard time saying no :)
As I mentioned in a previous post I freaked out a bit about milestones this month (and pretty much every month since you were The truth is you are doing wonderfully and as long as you are happy and healthy I am content to watch you learn things when you are ready.
You have become my real little buddy. We have always had a close bond because as you know you were a little fussy as a baby and I wanted to make sure I was doing my best to address your `concerns`but now that you don`t whine ( as much, let`s not get completely ahead of ourselves). However, now you come over to me not just when you want something or you are upset. You check in with me (often), you bring me things (often) and you come and lay on me (only for a couple of minutes but I will take it). When something is funny you always want me to see it and you always look over to see what I think.
Your favourite song is Ìtsy Bitsy Spider and you love to put the moon up with your arms and you even do the spider climbing up the water spout. You also know to rock back and forth when I sing `Row Row Row your Boat`. Another thing you love to do is run to your phone every time you hear me say hello, you pretend to call daddy.
I love you my boy, you are one brave, fearless, loving, caring and passionate little man.

For my record
I think it is safe to say that your speech is a bit of concern but as mentioned before we have a referral for the middle of August and the good news is that you are learning new words  so we are moving forward at the very least :)
Words: dis (this), dat (that), gook (book), crack (cracker), cook (cookie), mama (milk), cruck (truck), cark (car), dada, dn ssss (downstairs), ba (ball), gog (dog), ess (yes), souss (soother)

Holy cow Hudson you are the master of the meltdowns now. You have started to bang your head on the ground when mommy doesn`t give you what you want. You also try to hit your brother, yourself and money. You aren`t a huge fan of when mommy hangs out with your brother. Mommy tries to make sure we welcome you into whatever gave or activity we are planning but you generally want whatever your brother is holding and you grab it from him. When you are upset you are hard to console. I know this is pretty normal behaviour but we aren`t used to it from you because you have always been our buddha baby who just went with the flow. I am doing my best to make sure I put in some good Hudson time before I engage in a game with your brother. He isn`t really as interested in what you are up to so it has been helping a little. You still have the most amazing smile on the planet. Literally your entire face smiles, your eyes squint almost shut and it is so adorable it hurts. You also love your blanket and any stuffed animal you can get your hands on. You snuggle up with them and love them so much. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen.
You love singing and doing the actions to the Wheels on the Bus. Mommy had no idea you were taking it in (you used to just stare at her when she did it) and then suddenly one day when I was singing you just started to roll your arms and hands and beeping your nose. You smiled from ear to ear and you are so proud of yourself.
Your motor skills are developing well and today you and daddy practived screwing screws with your toy screwdriver on your mini work bench. I was amazed that you were able to do it.
You love bringing your cars over to me and making the vroom vroom sound. I have no idea how it started or why but it is funny You also make the most hilarious darth vadar kind of noise because you know daddy and I find it hilarious. Another thing that makes me laugh is that you bring me imaginary little items. Basically you come over to me like you have something in between your fingers and then you hand it to me, I say thank you and then hand it back to you. You find this very amusing. .
You are a great little eater but you seem to have one really large meal a day where you pack a ton away. You absolutely love fish and avacado this month, you shovel it

Your speech is also behind but you are also slowly learning new words and you certainly like to babble. You point out things and passionately tell me all about them. You also love the fan. You yell at me (in your language) until I put it on, it doesn`t matter how cold or hot it is in the house.
For my record
Speech: Dat (that), Up, bye bye, book, crack (cracker), cark (car), ba (ball), dada, wow, mama, gog (dog)
Although we still don`t do television mommy has been letting you watch more Baby Einstein Videos (probably even worse than t.v)  lately. I used to limit it to one episode per day but now you probably watch 3 (20 minutes) videos per day. I have a bit of guilt about this but you love it and some part of me wondered if it would help with language aquistion.


  1. SO cute! What sweet little boys you have!

  2. They grow up so fast! My little guy is behind on language, hes 15 months and just says dada, mama and da (dog) but he signs 6 more words and I know he understands what I'm saying so I'm trying to just let him go at his own pace.

  3. Such adorable boys!!! And like I mentioned on their 18 month post, I really don't think their speech seems like a concern. I have heard many other mamas of even older toddlers saying their kids have much less words than them. I think they are doing great!