Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hands Full

If you are a mother of twins you will know that you hear the comment "you must have your hands full" about 10 times a day (if you manage to leave the house). I always appreciate the concern and interest but let's face it, it can get old. Plus I never know how to respond other than to agree that it is hard but very worth it.  One of my girlfriends who is expecting twins (naturally, who knew that actually just posted the best comeback on her facebook page.  I am totally going to steal it, she said when people tell her she is going to have her hands full she just responds "if you think my hands are full, you should see my heart"  I LOVE THIS!!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Yep it's a Birthmark

Let me start by saying my boys are perfect to me in every way.  I love them fussy pants and all.  I think they are the cutest babies ever to be born (I know I am biased) and I wouldn't change them for the world.  So why does it bother me when people ask me about Hudson's birthmarks.  It certainly doesn't bother me that he has two strawberry birthmarks (Hemangioma), in fact they make him unique and himself so I love them.  I just hate being asked about them constantly.  I know it is such a silly complaint and there are parent's who have children with serious physical disfigurements so I don't want to minimize their struggle.  I just think it is so rude to comment on them.  I would never ask questions or comment on anyones appearance unless they asked.  Yes I compliment outfits and haircuts but I would never point out any anomalies.  That is why when I am constantly being bombarded with rude people asking what caused them and why he has them I get annoyed.  I worry that he will be self conscious of them and in turn his self esteem will be impacted.  Hubby assured me that boys aren't as sensitive and I have nothing to worry about.  I definitely don't want him to sense my annoyance when people ask because that might make him think there is something to be ashamed of I just have to note how gross I think people are (kids excluded). It even further annoys me when they tell me he is still cute despite them. Um people, they are just freakin birthmarks.  I just want to point out their flaws (big nose, fat ass etc) and ask them why they have them and what caused them.  I know I am being petty but don't mess with my kids people. 
Just had to vent. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

I am addicted to Etsy!!!!

Is anyone else addicted to Etsy?  I have had some hits and some misses but overall I like the idea of supporting small business people (women) and getting one of a kindish items. My husband dreads everytime he gets an email from Etsy because he knows I have made a!
Below are my latest purchases but I have bought the following: bow tie and suspender onesies, a t-shirt for hubby for Father's day that said "Daddy since 2012", a personalized key chain also for hubby that said "We love you daddy" with the boys' names and birthdate, bottle props (don't judge me please) and Grandpa t-shirts. I know it is ridiculous but I love!

Five Months (tomorrow)

I have said the same thing every month, "Time is going by too fast" but it is so true. I feel like I blinked and now my little guys are 5 months old tomorrow. I love my boys more each day and the four months old stage was so fun! I feel like the boys reached so many great milestones this month,  they are real little people now. They smile a lot and seem to be loving life.  They are happy boys who love to play and move.  They are rolling machines and are constantly wiggling and giggling.

You are still my man in motion. You wiggle and squirm and once when mommy forgot to strap you into your bouncy chair and you almost ended up on the floor.  This taught mommy a lesson to never ever put you anywhere that you aren't safe and secure.  Your favourite place to squirm and move is in the bath tub.  Daddy says we must have had some sort of intuition to name you Fynn because you love bath time.  You smile, kick your legs, and "talk" throughout your entire bath.  We love bath-time because it is when you are most vocal (with exception of your daytime fussing).  Actually you have just started whining a lot during the day and it is a good thing you are so cute because it isn't the nicest thing to hear all day.  We are hoping this is a temporary phase but we'll keep you either  I am happy to say that you have slept through the night a couple of times this month which was a great surprise.  Generally you are getting up for an early morning feed around 3am but you go right back to sleep so it is no big deal. 
The biggest milestones this month are that you are rolling and eating like a maniac.  You went from rolling twice ever to rolling all of the time in one day.  You literally roll from one side of the room to the other.  You have NO fear and it makes mommy kind of nervous.  You are able to roll both ways but for some reason you like to cry when you roll onto your tummy.  It is almost as if you weren't the one who made the decision to roll. I wonder if you haven't really connected the movement to the outcome.  The hardest thing is you have started to roll over in your crib.  You do this at all times of the night and day and you are never really happy with where you end up.  It has made bedtime a bit harder and nap time almost impossible (thank goodness for the swing). As for eating you are an eating machine. You love your food and you took to it right away.  So far you only eat rice cereal and sweet potato but I have a feeling you will like most foods.  You watch mommy eat and mimic me chewing.  We have also had to increase your formula intake at your feedings from 6 ounces to 7.  You are growing quickly and I guess that just means you need more fuel. 
We are still visiting grandma and grandpa's house every week but you don't seem to want to nap there.  I guess it is all of the excitement and attention but unless you are in your swing you can't settle down to a nap.  We have even taken you swimming a couple of times at grandma and grampa's house.  You seemed a bit shocked so we only stayed in the water for a very short time. Mommy was worried you were getting cold even though the water was 85 and it was over 90 outside.
It certainly has been a busy and successful month and I am excited to see what month 5 brings. 
I love you my Finicky Fynn, Findingler, Fynny Boy, Rin Tin Fynny.

You are still my chilled little bubbah with your adorable grin.  You are relaxed and calm and generally a pretty easy baby. You are starting to talk more, especially in the morning on the change table and during bath time.  You have just started really laughing and it cracks me up everytime. Your laugh is kind of a snort and I can't get enough of it.  You are still our sleeper and you now consistently sleep "through the night", whatever that means.  You go to bed at 8pm and wake up between 6am and 8am.  You are definitely are easier to put down than your brother but you still fuss and fight your sleep at naptime.
This month you learned to roll and you too love to practice your rolling at bedtime.  You get frustrated when you can't get back on your back but once you are asleep you are a sound sleeper.  This is a good thing because you sleep right through your brother's late night/early morning bottle. 
You are our little hot box and you get sweaty very easily. Mommy hates putting you in your car seat because your back is drenched by the time we get anywhere.  Although you love visiting people and you give the best smiles to anyone and everyone.  You also seem to like grandma and grandpas pool, probably because it cools you down.
This month you had your first ear infection and mommy felt so badly for you.  We knew something was wrong when you were fussy for an entire day.  Luckily mommy was taking Fynny to get some cream for his skin because the doctor put you on antibiotics right away.  Within 2 days you were back to your happy self. 
I love you my huddy buddy, my little boy blue, my hubba bubba!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Watch what you wish

Well the past 48 hours have been a real learning experience for me.  It actually reminds me of when I met my husband.  What I mean is that life can change so quickly so don't get discouraged or feel down if things aren't going your way. I didn't meet my husband until I was 32 years old and I had figured I wouldn't get married.  Then within just over a year, I met my husband became engaged and got married. It was totally unexpected and wonderful all at the same time. 
I guess this is a big build up for a little event but it is representative of how I was feeling.  I used to think I was a super relaxed person but that soon changed after I had the boys.  Actually I would say it changed as soon as I figured out I was infertile.  It is hard to be relaxed when you have to be your own advocate and when your dealing with such a huge obstacle. Anyways, my point is I worry now way too much.  As I mentioned before in my previous post I have been comparing the boys to other babies and I don't want to be that person.
Case and point, I was worried about them not rolling over in my last post and then literally since that day they haven't stopped rolling.  They roll everywhere and all of the time. They roll from their tummy to their back and then back onto their tummy.  They are rolling machines! Not only do they roll once but they travel from one side of the room to the other while rolling.  Mommy is in trouble because she needs to up her game.  I used to be able to leave them on the couch for a second to grab a bottle from the fridge (yes I said bottle, my milk is no longer) without worrying.  That will never happen again. I will have to be super careful because we don't want to have an accident.
The reason I titled this post "Watch what you wish for" is because the boys also roll in their cribs.  This is less amusing and more frustrating.  Not only for me but especially for the boys.  They roll onto their tummies when I put them to bed and then they fuss because they want to be on their backs.  However this is the part that confuses me, they know how to roll back but don't yet when I place them onto their backs they immediatly roll over onto their stomachs and cry again.  I am soooo confused.  By the way is it still dangerous for them to stay on their stomachs because this morning when they woke up Hudson was on his side and Fynn was on his stomach? Also is there anything that I can do to stop them from rolling?  and finally am I allowed to put the bumper pads back in their cribs (because they are rolling now I often find one of their limbs through the bars in their crib)?
I just feel so silly for worrying and I am going to check myself before I do it again.  Life isn't a race  and I love these boys no matter how fast or slow they develop.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Trying not to feed into it all

Do all mothers compare their children to other children? Do you wonder if your kids are meeting the proper milestones?
  I haven't really felt it (although they are only 4 months old) until very recently.  I have been given a couple of exersaucers and splurged and bought a very cheap ($20) jumperoo on Kijiji.  The box says that these are for kids 4 months and up and who have head control.  I thought my boys had pretty good head control so I went ahead and put them in to test it out.  It wasn't as successful as I hoped and then I started worry. You see my boys are actually 4.5 months ( I write this I realize how ridiculous I sound) and they are so tiny in the seats.  They don't touch the ground in the jumperoo and I had to stuff a towel behind them so that they didn't tip forward or backwards.  So I did a little google research and read posts from women who had their babies in these devises as early as 3 months.  Then I started to worry, okay just mildly but really what is the big deal.  Geez, months ago I just wanted a healthy baby, a year ago I just wanted to be pregnant, and four years ago I just wanted a fighting chance at getting pregnant.  Now all of a sudden I want super babies.  Anyways, let's not even talk about the Jolly Jumper that they tip over in (although their head stays upright but what does that help).  Hubby laughs at me and says they are just fine and tells me to remember that they were 5 weeks early so they are actually aren't even 4 months. 
I am making a promise to myself that I will no longer compare my children.  Although one more admission, when I see babies sitting unassisted on other blogs I always check to see how old they are because my guys don't sit up yet.  Trust me it isn't a competition and even if my guys do everything way behind everyone else, I love them to bits and wouldn't change them for the world.  I just worry for them.  This is the most ridiculous post ever but I had to get it out there because I feel like I am keeping a dirty little secret.
P.S Hubby says parents lie about all kinds of milestones.  He says that people who report having awesome sleepers who never wake up ever in the night are full of B.S.  I like his way of thinking, it makes me feel better.

 Sweet faced Hudson relaxing with Bunny
 Fynn borrowing bunny
 Fynn rocking in his chair, yep it's July and he is in a diaper and knit hat (don't worry it was only for the picture.  I just wanted to see if it still fit.  He has such a serious face because he is concentrating on the rocking of the chair.
 Hudson isn't sure if he likes his rice cereal
 Fynn is an eating machine and finished his bowl and his brother's. This was before he was covered from head to toe.
 Hudson, posing for the ladies
 Fynn with the most kissable lips I have ever seen!
 Hudson leaning all the way forward in his jumperoo.  He actually lasted about 10 minutes before he decided it wasn't for him, yet.
A serious face after his bath. That is one deadly!

Monday, July 2, 2012