Friday, July 6, 2012

Trying not to feed into it all

Do all mothers compare their children to other children? Do you wonder if your kids are meeting the proper milestones?
  I haven't really felt it (although they are only 4 months old) until very recently.  I have been given a couple of exersaucers and splurged and bought a very cheap ($20) jumperoo on Kijiji.  The box says that these are for kids 4 months and up and who have head control.  I thought my boys had pretty good head control so I went ahead and put them in to test it out.  It wasn't as successful as I hoped and then I started worry. You see my boys are actually 4.5 months ( I write this I realize how ridiculous I sound) and they are so tiny in the seats.  They don't touch the ground in the jumperoo and I had to stuff a towel behind them so that they didn't tip forward or backwards.  So I did a little google research and read posts from women who had their babies in these devises as early as 3 months.  Then I started to worry, okay just mildly but really what is the big deal.  Geez, months ago I just wanted a healthy baby, a year ago I just wanted to be pregnant, and four years ago I just wanted a fighting chance at getting pregnant.  Now all of a sudden I want super babies.  Anyways, let's not even talk about the Jolly Jumper that they tip over in (although their head stays upright but what does that help).  Hubby laughs at me and says they are just fine and tells me to remember that they were 5 weeks early so they are actually aren't even 4 months. 
I am making a promise to myself that I will no longer compare my children.  Although one more admission, when I see babies sitting unassisted on other blogs I always check to see how old they are because my guys don't sit up yet.  Trust me it isn't a competition and even if my guys do everything way behind everyone else, I love them to bits and wouldn't change them for the world.  I just worry for them.  This is the most ridiculous post ever but I had to get it out there because I feel like I am keeping a dirty little secret.
P.S Hubby says parents lie about all kinds of milestones.  He says that people who report having awesome sleepers who never wake up ever in the night are full of B.S.  I like his way of thinking, it makes me feel better.

 Sweet faced Hudson relaxing with Bunny
 Fynn borrowing bunny
 Fynn rocking in his chair, yep it's July and he is in a diaper and knit hat (don't worry it was only for the picture.  I just wanted to see if it still fit.  He has such a serious face because he is concentrating on the rocking of the chair.
 Hudson isn't sure if he likes his rice cereal
 Fynn is an eating machine and finished his bowl and his brother's. This was before he was covered from head to toe.
 Hudson, posing for the ladies
 Fynn with the most kissable lips I have ever seen!
 Hudson leaning all the way forward in his jumperoo.  He actually lasted about 10 minutes before he decided it wasn't for him, yet.
A serious face after his bath. That is one deadly!


  1. Hey, it's Erin again! The one with twins (boy/girl.) Relax!! :) I do the comparing thing too though, you just can't help it! My kids are 5 months and still have to have a towel under the jumperoo b/c they can't touch the ground, and I have to stuff burp cloths around them in the exersaucer b/c they still tip forwards a little, especially my daughter who is tiny! I compare my two babies too, which isn't good. My daughter already has two bottom teeth and is breaking her first top tooth, but my son has no sign of any. My son rolls over all of the time, but my daughter hasn't yet from back to belly. Every child is different and develops at their own pace! I'm sure we will be comparing for the rest of our lives! Your babies are right on track and doing wonderfully! And they are WAY too young to sit up on there own yet. Isn't that like not until at least 6 months?!

    1. Thanks Erin, I compare my boys to each other too even though I promised I wouldn't! Like yoour little ones they both have strengths in different areas so it really all balances out. It's funny because you mentioned your little ones rolling over and I panic again. Only one of my guy has rolled over and it is only one I guess my job is to worry. Thanks for the post, I was beginning to think nobody reads my blog anymore.

  2. I hate all the comparisons that parents do! But it's hard not to do, I know. There's a kid in Alex's class at daycare that's only a few weeks older than Alex, and she's walking and crawling all over the place. My Alex is barely getting on all fours, and certainly isn't moving, and I immediately wonder if there's something wrong with her... But there's not! Every baby learns different things at different ages, and we just need to sit back and watch. I know, it's hard.

    Alex got into an exersaucer at around 4 months, and she was way too small for it! But it seemed like she liked it, so we put some towels behind her and a pillow under feet, and it made it better. Now she loves it!

    Adorable pics! I particularly loved the one with Fynn in his diaper and knit hat. They're such good models!!!

    1. Thanks Alex, it is good to hear I am not the only one who worries. I am going to try the pillow under the feet trick. I am so worried I am not doing enough tummy time because the boys hate it. I keep promising myself I will do it more often during the day but it literally ruins their mood because they dislike it so much. I am going to focus on being grateful and get over this ridiculousness (is that a word?).

  3. I have to admitt with our Twins not only did I compare (and still catch myself till this day) them to to each other but all the other babies born around the time they were. You see.. there was 12 babies born the month before, month of and month after the boys were. One major point I forget... THEY WERE 27 WEEKERS!!! As far as my memory serves me correct we used little pillows, blankets and towels to prop them upright in their bouncers/exersaucers for a while. We even had to put a pillow or something under their feet so that they can get some leverage. Now that the Twins will be 4 yrs old in 18 days, I am now still comparing (as hard as I try not to)not only themselves but now to others at the playground and play groups. How they speak, act, socialize, their knowledge of letters, numbers, shapes, colors, their names.... the list goes on and on and on...

    Your two are just ADORABLE!!!!


    1. Oh no, I am in trouble because I will be comparing them forever. I don't know why I bother because I am doing my best and they are happy boys. I seriously have to shake myself and be grateful they are happy and healthy guys. It isn't like I know when I started walking so who cares. The fact is they will walk so I need to get over it. I guess it is just the mother's guilt thing. Wow, 27 weekers that is incredible.
      Thanks for making feel like I am somewhat normal!

  4. I think the fact they they were born 5 weeks early is a really good thing to keep in mind... but more so, trying not to compare is even a better thing to keep in mind. Easier said than done, yes... I know :-) Your boys are ABSOLUTELY adorable. Just love them!

  5. I'm pretty sure all mothers will compare their children to others at some point, completely normal but that being said you have to remember they all will develop at different rates, reaching different milestones in different orders.
    Like you said your little ones were five weeks early so adjusted they are not yet four months. If your going to compare go by the adjusted age. :)
    I have a bad habit of comparing my lo to his cousin who is two months older, they are the same size so easy to forget they are not the same age. Oh and I still use a blanket in our exersaucer to stabilize M, we also do tummy time everywhere other than the floor bc he hates it on the floor. And I'm pretty sure babies aren't supposed to sit unassisted until closer to six months... I also think some people stretch the truth about some milestones ;)
    Oh and $20 for the jumparoo is a steal! I love kijiji!