Thursday, July 12, 2012

Watch what you wish

Well the past 48 hours have been a real learning experience for me.  It actually reminds me of when I met my husband.  What I mean is that life can change so quickly so don't get discouraged or feel down if things aren't going your way. I didn't meet my husband until I was 32 years old and I had figured I wouldn't get married.  Then within just over a year, I met my husband became engaged and got married. It was totally unexpected and wonderful all at the same time. 
I guess this is a big build up for a little event but it is representative of how I was feeling.  I used to think I was a super relaxed person but that soon changed after I had the boys.  Actually I would say it changed as soon as I figured out I was infertile.  It is hard to be relaxed when you have to be your own advocate and when your dealing with such a huge obstacle. Anyways, my point is I worry now way too much.  As I mentioned before in my previous post I have been comparing the boys to other babies and I don't want to be that person.
Case and point, I was worried about them not rolling over in my last post and then literally since that day they haven't stopped rolling.  They roll everywhere and all of the time. They roll from their tummy to their back and then back onto their tummy.  They are rolling machines! Not only do they roll once but they travel from one side of the room to the other while rolling.  Mommy is in trouble because she needs to up her game.  I used to be able to leave them on the couch for a second to grab a bottle from the fridge (yes I said bottle, my milk is no longer) without worrying.  That will never happen again. I will have to be super careful because we don't want to have an accident.
The reason I titled this post "Watch what you wish for" is because the boys also roll in their cribs.  This is less amusing and more frustrating.  Not only for me but especially for the boys.  They roll onto their tummies when I put them to bed and then they fuss because they want to be on their backs.  However this is the part that confuses me, they know how to roll back but don't yet when I place them onto their backs they immediatly roll over onto their stomachs and cry again.  I am soooo confused.  By the way is it still dangerous for them to stay on their stomachs because this morning when they woke up Hudson was on his side and Fynn was on his stomach? Also is there anything that I can do to stop them from rolling?  and finally am I allowed to put the bumper pads back in their cribs (because they are rolling now I often find one of their limbs through the bars in their crib)?
I just feel so silly for worrying and I am going to check myself before I do it again.  Life isn't a race  and I love these boys no matter how fast or slow they develop.


  1. This is so funny. I don't mean to laugh at you - I'm laughing WITH you! :) Because this kind of thing happens with me too! That's hilarious that they're such avid rollers now!!!

    Regarding sleeping on their stomachs, my doc told me that once Alex could get on her stomach, then I didn't need to move her onto her back. If she has the muscles to get onto her stomach, then she's fine sleeping there. But always put her on her back, and if she moves then it's fine. And my doc said no bumpers, but I use a breathable bumper, which seems to work well.

    You're absolutely right - life is not a race. What a great lesson! Enjoy running after those rolling boys!

  2. do you have other twin moms that you hang around with regularly? the reason i ask is that i've hung out with about 4 other moms and their babies throughout this year and it has REALLY helped avoid the whole worrying trap because it makes you realize that 1. the insanity of your life is completely normal and 2. babies differ so so so much in development so there is no point in worrying.

    as for your questions - if they are on their tummies can they lift their heads. i think if they can then you are good to go (so that way they could reposition themselves to breath). as for the bumpers i am pretty sure those are never okay anymore no matter the age. yes they might roll into the side of the crib but they will live and learn.