Monday, July 16, 2012

Five Months (tomorrow)

I have said the same thing every month, "Time is going by too fast" but it is so true. I feel like I blinked and now my little guys are 5 months old tomorrow. I love my boys more each day and the four months old stage was so fun! I feel like the boys reached so many great milestones this month,  they are real little people now. They smile a lot and seem to be loving life.  They are happy boys who love to play and move.  They are rolling machines and are constantly wiggling and giggling.

You are still my man in motion. You wiggle and squirm and once when mommy forgot to strap you into your bouncy chair and you almost ended up on the floor.  This taught mommy a lesson to never ever put you anywhere that you aren't safe and secure.  Your favourite place to squirm and move is in the bath tub.  Daddy says we must have had some sort of intuition to name you Fynn because you love bath time.  You smile, kick your legs, and "talk" throughout your entire bath.  We love bath-time because it is when you are most vocal (with exception of your daytime fussing).  Actually you have just started whining a lot during the day and it is a good thing you are so cute because it isn't the nicest thing to hear all day.  We are hoping this is a temporary phase but we'll keep you either  I am happy to say that you have slept through the night a couple of times this month which was a great surprise.  Generally you are getting up for an early morning feed around 3am but you go right back to sleep so it is no big deal. 
The biggest milestones this month are that you are rolling and eating like a maniac.  You went from rolling twice ever to rolling all of the time in one day.  You literally roll from one side of the room to the other.  You have NO fear and it makes mommy kind of nervous.  You are able to roll both ways but for some reason you like to cry when you roll onto your tummy.  It is almost as if you weren't the one who made the decision to roll. I wonder if you haven't really connected the movement to the outcome.  The hardest thing is you have started to roll over in your crib.  You do this at all times of the night and day and you are never really happy with where you end up.  It has made bedtime a bit harder and nap time almost impossible (thank goodness for the swing). As for eating you are an eating machine. You love your food and you took to it right away.  So far you only eat rice cereal and sweet potato but I have a feeling you will like most foods.  You watch mommy eat and mimic me chewing.  We have also had to increase your formula intake at your feedings from 6 ounces to 7.  You are growing quickly and I guess that just means you need more fuel. 
We are still visiting grandma and grandpa's house every week but you don't seem to want to nap there.  I guess it is all of the excitement and attention but unless you are in your swing you can't settle down to a nap.  We have even taken you swimming a couple of times at grandma and grampa's house.  You seemed a bit shocked so we only stayed in the water for a very short time. Mommy was worried you were getting cold even though the water was 85 and it was over 90 outside.
It certainly has been a busy and successful month and I am excited to see what month 5 brings. 
I love you my Finicky Fynn, Findingler, Fynny Boy, Rin Tin Fynny.

You are still my chilled little bubbah with your adorable grin.  You are relaxed and calm and generally a pretty easy baby. You are starting to talk more, especially in the morning on the change table and during bath time.  You have just started really laughing and it cracks me up everytime. Your laugh is kind of a snort and I can't get enough of it.  You are still our sleeper and you now consistently sleep "through the night", whatever that means.  You go to bed at 8pm and wake up between 6am and 8am.  You are definitely are easier to put down than your brother but you still fuss and fight your sleep at naptime.
This month you learned to roll and you too love to practice your rolling at bedtime.  You get frustrated when you can't get back on your back but once you are asleep you are a sound sleeper.  This is a good thing because you sleep right through your brother's late night/early morning bottle. 
You are our little hot box and you get sweaty very easily. Mommy hates putting you in your car seat because your back is drenched by the time we get anywhere.  Although you love visiting people and you give the best smiles to anyone and everyone.  You also seem to like grandma and grandpas pool, probably because it cools you down.
This month you had your first ear infection and mommy felt so badly for you.  We knew something was wrong when you were fussy for an entire day.  Luckily mommy was taking Fynny to get some cream for his skin because the doctor put you on antibiotics right away.  Within 2 days you were back to your happy self. 
I love you my huddy buddy, my little boy blue, my hubba bubba!

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  1. Oh my goodness, they're so cute! And it's amazing how different they are, even at this age! Sleeping through the night - at least sometimes... Love it!