Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I hate to say this but Maternity leave is a bit boring. Okay, it isn't that I am saying I have a ton of free time on my hands because they boys are full on but I mean my mind isn't really being stimulated.  I am a true believer of "if you don't use it you loose it" and I am loosing it. I am not going out of my way to think of creative ways to fill the day so I am getting in a bit of a rut.  I am 100% grateful to have the time off with my boys and I truly love being with them it is just that I don't feel like I do enough.  I am not really interested in going to the mall because the boys are too active and I feel like it isn't fair to keep them strapped in their seats for long periods of time. I can't really get them out at the mall because I can't hold them both at the same time so it seems pointless. It takes me about 30 minutes to get us packed up to go and the boys are usually on different nap schedules so unless the outing is worth it I would rather just go for a walk.  Now that they are eating real food it isn't like we can just take a bottle and go. Plus my boys nap in their cribs so we are kind of tied to the house.  We go for a lot of walks while the weather is still good but I would like to do something different. I could go to the zoo or other places that cost money but again the boys would be in the stroller and I am not sure how much they would get out of it. I guess what I need is a group of mom friends in the neighbourhood to hang out with.  I did join a mommy group and met a few girls but they are in a totally different position than me.  They only have one baby and their kids are a couple of months younger.  It isn't that big a deal but they can do a lot that I can't. They generally opt to spend the afternoon at the mall (like 4 hours at a time) because their babies sleep most of the time. They also go swimming (I can't do it with two babies) and do baby yoga (sounds like heaven). I guess I will have to pursue my local POMBA again because I need to meet mom's of multiples.


  1. This is a tough age when you are tied the house until they are more mobile and on one nap a day. I know how you feel because we just recently went through this. The only advice I can give you is that you have to find things to do, whether it's go for daily walks while the weather is nice, take drives around town, attend story time at the library, or start your own mom's group. Keep looking and maybe you will find some mom friends that you really click with. Can you find a good book to read during nap time or invite a friend over for coffee? Hang in there, this time will be over before you know it and then there will be days where you will wish you were home all day with those adorable boys!

  2. I wish I had some words of wisdom- or some great creative ideas, but I feel the same way. I love staying home with my boys- but it can make my brain feel a little like mush :)
    I have recently started working on some projects..... this is helping me a bit. Gives me something to work towards and accomplish. I used to do a lot of craft stuff prior to boys- so being able to pick some of this up again, has felt great.

  3. Projects are about the only thing that keeps me sane. I don't have kids.

  4. No great advice, sorry... but I understand how you would feel this way! It must be especially hard with two because of all the reasons you said... there just isn't as much you can do like other Moms and certainly not as quickly and easily. I hope you are able to find some other moms of multiples in your area. I am struggling finding mom friends just with one. It is really tough making friends out of nowhere. I am okay because I do work from home and have the school right here on our property so there are always people around but ZERO, I mean zero activities with other moms of small babies. It definitely sucks sometimes.

  5. I completely understand the boredom!
    However I'm not sure if anything I suggest would work for multiples... Someone else mentioned library groups? Do you have a mom group for multiples? I know there's one here, it would be a great way to meet others who can relate better and offer suggestions :)
    ps I love going to the zoo! I wish we lived closer I would go all the time :)