Tuesday, October 23, 2012

8 months (a little late)

Well my little dudes are no longer my little babies any more.  It feels like they have really turned a corner this month. As I have mentioned in previous posts they are mobile and it is an entirely new world. The pace of life has become so fast it is hard to keep up.  They are so much fun but also so much work (the best job in the world). They are the loves of my life and I love watching them grow and learn new skills.

Your personality sure is emerging. No longer do you smile all day long and take the passive role.  You are now a little man in motion and you are giving your brother a run for his money in more ways than one. You are still full of smiles but you also let us know when you are frustrated or if you need some extra attention.  You are constantly on the move and you have even invented your own little move we call the "side saddle". It is a mix between a sitting and crawling position where you balance on one side. It is your signature move, and it is hilarious. You learned to crawl last month and you get faster by the day. You also love to pull yourself up onto your knees, thank goodness you are becoming a little more careful because at first you kept bumping your head and mommy was a nervous wreck.
You are a good little eater and you seem to like most foods (everything but peaches so far). Fruit and vegetables seem to be your favourite and although you eat meat at least once a day the texture isn't your favourite. You also love eating cheerios (although daddy calls them chokeous) and your technique is hilarious. You take your index finger, balance the cheerio on the tip of your finger and then place each one on your tongue individually.
You still love your Jolly Jumper and it feels like you are going to catapult into space when you are jumping. You laugh so hard it cracks us all up.  You and your brother love to bounce together and it is the cutest thing ever.
You boys have really discovered each other this month and you love "talking" and interacting with each other. You follow each other around crawling everywhere. You also crawl over each other  instead of going around one another. It looks very uncomfortable but it doesn't seem to bother either of you.
You are much more vocal this month and your noises are hilarious and at times ear piercing. You yelp and screech with happiness and our house sounds a bit like a three ring circus. Your noises aren't really word like but hopefully that will come soon.
We have had a bunch of sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa's house this month and you have done so well. You guys love to hang out there and I think they love having you.
You are still a good sleeper but unlike previous months you occassionally wake up in the middle of the night. Daddy and I got into a bad habit of giving you a bottle and then suddenly you came to expect them. We decided that this wasn't a great idea so we went back to our original "sleep training" (I hate that term!) and we hope you are back to consistently sleeping through the night again soon. You are still having 3 naps a day although I think you are ready to go down to 2. I acually like that I can go out in the afternoon for a couple of hours with you so I haven't worked on consolidating your afternoon naps. You guys are so easy to put down at nap time it just hasn't seemed to be very important. You are still going to sleep around 5:30pm and waking up for the day between 5:30-6:00 am (with the occasional bottle in the night).
You have two bottom teeth now and they are so darn cute. They are coming in at different times so they are a little uneven and so adorable. You also have more hair this month and I can't wait until I can style it.  One day I put some of daddy's "product" in it and you looked like daddy's mini me.
You have had a couple of melt downs this month and they came to us as a big surprise. We got so used to you being our happy little guy that when you became so upset it was a real shock. For a couple of days in a row you decided you hated the bath and had a total melt down. You also decided that you hated your high chair.  We decided that maybe you were overtired by the time you got to dinner and bathtime so we moved everything up a half an hour and that seemed to do the trick.  Now you are back on track.
Grandpa has been calling you "The Goose" because he says you eat everything and anything and that it goes right through your system (if you know what I mean). I literally change 4 diapers from the time you wake up until you go down for your first nap.
Life is very busy but we are enjoying every moment with you!

You have also had a very busy month. You learned to crawl just after your 7 month birthday and you haven't stopped since you first took off. Mommy was a bit surprised that you learned so early because your adjust age would have been less than 6 months old. Hopefully that doesn't mean you will walk early. You are pulling up on EVERYTHING, mostly to your knees but a couple of times you have been able to get up on your feet (lord help me).  You are so quick that mommy can't take her eyes off of you for a second. You make a break for the front door, hanging cords, and anything remotely dangerous whenever you can. You are still my wild little man and you keep me on my toes.
I am happy to say that you no longer whine (well, no more than any other baby). You smile all of the time (with the exception of when you are around strangers). Daddy and I always notice that you can smile all day long with us at home and as soon as we go out you become very serious. It's funny because you are our silly guy but everyone assumes that would be your brother because he loves all people.
You love to eat and you can gobble down so many cheerios it is amazing. You love rice crackers too but those are the two only solid foods (that aren't pureed) that you can swollow. I have given you chunks of avacado and banana but you aren't too sure about the texture. You eat three "meals" a day and you haven't disliked anything we have given you. You can go through 3 baby bullet servings in one sitting (with various cereals mixed in).
You and your brother seem to be on similar sleep schedules (well the amount of sleep not necessarily the time that you sleep). You are easy to put down and you have slept through the night quite a bit this month (previous months you seemed to always get up for a night bottle). It is a mystery because you ALWAYS sleep through the night at grandma and grandpa's house (I am not sure why). Daddy and I talked about putting you down in the pack'n'play here at home because we wondered if you preferred it to your crib.
You also have new sounds this month and my least favourite is an ear piercing shriek that you have begun to make. It sounds like you might be in pain but it is generally followed by a smile so we know you are just playing around with your voice.
You now have 4 teeth, 2 on the bottom and 2 almost in on the top. They make you look so much different, like a little boy instead of a baby. Your gums look red but they haven't really changed your personality. You are rough and tumble and you have bumped your lip more than a couple of times on the floor this month. You cry for a second and then you are back to your crazy ways!

My boys, what a great month! I have been more tired this month than ever before but it is so worth it. I feel so fortunate to have you everyday and I never forget how lucky I am. I have been looking for some more things to do with you and would love to hear suggestions from any moms. I would love some suggestions of activities I can do at home and some programs that other twin mom's attended.


  1. They look so big! It sounds like things are going well. As for things to do, do you have out with other twin moms and their babies in your area? We met with 3 other moms and all 8 babies almost every week. Took turns at each house and the host always made lunch. It was a great sanity check. Also our girls have loved going swimming but that would be something you would need another adult to do with you.

  2. Wow - they're getting so big! How fun!!! You sound tired but enjoying every minute!

  3. It sounds and looks like they are both doing so well!! Wow, crawling and pulling up already... and you are right, that does seem early with their adjusted age. You are going to be chasing those two little fellas all over the place!! :) Alidia loves her jolly jumper too and just has the biggest smile on the whole time. I love when she gets one huge jump that makes the spring go crazy and she knows it!

    Love your two gorgeous little guys!!

  4. They are so adorable. What a sweet post.

  5. Seriously adorable. Are they ever NOT smiling???? They look like they could never get in trouble! :-)

  6. Just adorable! I love that the boys recognize each other and want to crawl all over. Can you imagine if they walk in the next two months?! YIKES!!! Lol

  7. Somehow I missed some posts? How could I miss this cuteness!
    Happy belated 8 months to your little guys :)