Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sleeping through the Night

Last night was a bit of a big deal.  One of my boys slept through the night.  We didn't know when it was going to happen or if it was going to happen but it did.  I know that doesn't mean it will happen every night but it means that it could happen.  Actually the boys have been on what I consider a great night sleep schedule.  They have been going to bed at 9pm (starting with a bath, bottle and a little rock in the chair at 8pm) and sleeping until 3am, then they were having a quick (20 mins) bottle and going back to sleep until around 6:30 am.  Trust me we have tried starting the routine earlier (5pm then 6pm  and even 7pm) and they just wouldn't settle. I know it wasn't sleeping through the night but it was just one wake up in the night and we were more than happy to take it.  Actually we would have been happy if it stayed that way for a long time.  Although we are even more pleased that last night one of our boys skipped the 3am wake up.  Of course I went in twice to make sure he was breathing but it was a victory just the same.  I actually slept a full  8 hours for the first time since they were born, hubby did the night feed with our other little guy. I hate to count my chickens before they hatch but I think these guys might be good sleepers.  They have been in their own cribs in their own room since week 3  (Fynn flaps his arms and babbles in his sleep so we couldn't have them in our room).  I have heard from many people that just because they sleep in their own room now doesn't mean they wont try to sneak in ours once they are older (always so many words of encouragment from other parents).  Oh well, I love to snuggle with them so whatever will be will be.  The boys even managed to brave two overnights.  We took them up to my in-laws cottage and they slept in their own individual pack'n' plays and we also visited the trailer (not my favorite place in the world on a good day and way too small for us to visit now).
Plus, we also had our first friends stay at our house since we had the boys.  Well, except for two different grandmas who came to help out the first couple of weeks.  This time it was my friend and her 9 month old son.  It wasn't as smooth as I had hoped and I don't think I would rush to do it again.  They were at very different stages and it was difficult for my friend.  Her son was anxious about being somewhere new and used to sleeping in silence.  Our house isn't very silent these days and I made the mistake of having my sister-in-law and nephew over which put my friend's son over the edge.  Lesson learned my friends. 
I have also had my first run in with pushy know it all parents.  It seems everyone who has children had the blessing of their children sleeping through the night immediately (I call bullshit).  They  love to tell me that I should have the boys sleeping by 5pm and for atleast 12 hours in a row. First of all they are premies which means they aren't even 3 months old if you are counting from their due dates and secondly I didn't ask. My girlfriend told me that one of my boys looked over-tired about three times during the visit and I should put him to bed (by the way she also said I couldn't let him cry for the first hour her son went down because he feels sympathy for crying babies and it is too emotional for him).  I checked with dr. Google and they can suck it because my boys are getting approx 15 hours of sleep in a 24 hour span and that is within the norm.  I notice that parents always have to blame their kids behaviour on something.  If the baby even wiggles "the wrong way" they say they are tired or hungry.  They are babies for heavens sake! Note to self, don't judge other peoples parenting.


 This was one of my favorite moments since they were born, they were all smiles and kept looking at each other with big eyes and bigger smiles

 Hudson and mommy on a walk.  He was asleep after 2 mins
 Mommy and Fynn at Grandma and Grandpa's cottage
 Hanging by the pool at Papa and Grandma's house, Yes that is a birthmark on my arm (I have a post in my head addressing the million times a day I am stopped to be asked what is the mark on his arm).
 Hanging with our friend Beck who slept over at our place.

Our family, looking a bit like dorks, at the cottage


  1. I get the same thing from people! I've had a few family members tell me my babies will start sleeping through the night once I start them on cereal. Hello...they sleep from 9pm until 8am. That is through the night!! Also, I love when people tell me the babies are getting fussy and need to eat when it is no where near eating time. I feel like saying, "No you idiot, they don't like the way your're holding them!!" Some people just act like they know it all! You're doing a great job, keep it up! :)

  2. I LOVE your response to advice. First of all... and secondly I didn't ask. Perfect! You know your boys better than anyone, so just tell all those unwelcome advice givers to pound sand!!! The only bad thing about one good night when they sleep through the night is now you KNOW they can do it - why aren't they doing it again??? :) I love the pics - you guys are such a cute family!

  3. Thank you for your recent comment on my blog. I appreciate the kind words of support!

    Congrats on your boys- they are adorable!!