Monday, June 4, 2012

My kids are cute!

Okay, I am not much of a bragger but I love these kids and I went through a lot to get them so here I am bragging. They are so freakin adorable! Every time they smile at me my heart melts.  Plus, they are going through a rough patch the last 2 days where they have decided they don't want to sleep anymore, they just want to cry and eat. For that reason I need to focus on how cute they are. Otherwise hubby might pull up and find them on the front lawn after his 14 hour days.

 Fynn and his Panda friend
Hudson and his Polar Bear friend.  Ironically, the week after we had the boys they named the polar bear Hudson at our local zoo.


  1. Love this - yes, they are cute! I do the same thing - if Alex is being exceptionally difficult, I try to remind me of all the ways she's fabulous... :) Love the panda and polar bear friends!!!

  2. They ARE adorable and I love those blanket/friend things... Gush away, KC!!! It's your right as a momma.