Saturday, June 2, 2012

Keeping Track

Most of my friends and family have kept baby books for their children.  My sister even made some seriously amazing scrapbooks of the first couple of years with her son and first daughter.  I have done nothing so I am going to attempt to keep a record of some milestones and observations of my baby boys on my blog. I wish I could be more poetic while doing so but I am just not that skilled when it comes to writing.

You are our little wild man.  You just don't stop moving, ever.  You kick your legs and flap your arms at all times.  Originally daddy and I wanted you to sleep with us in our room but we couldn't get any sleep because you were way too loud. You grunt and groan and run miles in your sleep. Overall you are a happy baby but you definitely tell us when you aren't happy.  You wake up from your sleep with a yelp and you have a hard time being patient while you wait for me to heat your bottle up.  You absolutely chug your bottle down and daddy and I try to encourage you to slow down.  Because of your vigorous style of eating you have the loudest burps I have ever heard a baby create.  You literally sound like a 40 year old beer guzzling man.  It makes me laugh every time and I know that you got that skill from your aunt. It amazes me that you never get sick. I am lucky between both you and your brother you have only thrown up about 3 times since you were born.  You love to eat and seem to eat almost double what your brother takes in.  It is no coincidence that you weigh  more than your perviously bigger brother because you seem to rarely be without bootle. You are now eating about 7 ounces per feeding and you eat two at your "dinner time" feeding.  As far as sleeping goes you are doing pretty well. You sleep shorter during the day and you often fight going to sleep but mommy is persistant.  You use to like the swing to have a nap in during the day but now you prefer being rocked in mommy's arms.  Mommy loves this but it can be hard when your brother also wants the same from mommy.  Daddy thinks mommy is spoiling you guys but secretly does the same when he thinks mommy isn't looking.   I hear lots of people say that their baby (ies) slept the entire night before 3 months but I am finding out quickly that everyone has a different idea of the entire night.   You seem to sleep from about 8:00 Pm -1:30 am, then you have a quick bottle and are back to sleep within 20 mins, you wake up again around 6:00 am and again you fall back asleep until around 9 am. In my head that isn't sleeping through the night but I will take it.  I seriously don't mind waking up with you and infact I look forward to our nightime interaction. You see, although you are still moving about in my arms, it is as relaxed and zen as I see you.  Your motions are a bit slower and you look into my eyes the entire time I feed you.  The feeling of those big blue eyes staring into mine is what I waited for all of those years. I love you with everything and I still cry when I am holding you in my arms because I can't believe I am so lucky to have a perfect, beautiful son like you. 
Both you and your brother love the car and it makes it so nice for mommy because you can go down to Grandma and Grandpas every Sunday and Wednesday.
You my little man are the most vocal baby I have ever been around.  You have a sound for everything and most of them are hilarious.  You grunt and squeak at every possible moment.  We are starting to get to know your noises but at times are confused about what they mean.
You are getting strong my dear boy and I am so proud of you.  When you were first born you were a little peanut of a boy.  At times I felt nervous holding you because you just felt so floppy in my arms and you were so wee.  Now you are hearty and round and even have quite the little buddah belly on you.You hate tummy time but are starting to get used to it.  Your control of your head is getting much better and you have been able to sit in the bumbo for a couple of weeks now and you even sat in the jolly jumper although you didn't quite know what to do.  You still have that pesky blocked tear duct and mommy is frustrated because nothing seems to help.  When you wake up in the morning your eye is literally glued together with gunk (eye boogers). It doesn't seem to bother you, you are a real trooper.  You are also pretty patient when mommy tries to pick them out with a wet face cloth.  You have the most beautiful blue eyes and mommy wants to see them clearly and doesn't want anything to stop you from seeing everything going on around you.   
You are my Fynn, Fynny, Fynious, Delph-finny, Fynny boy,  daddy and I love you so much. 

You are our sweet boy.  You are calm almost all of the time and you seem to love life.  You are content to sit and investigate the world with your little furrowed brow. You love to smile and bat your eyelashes.  You melt every woman that holds you heart.  You are patient and often wait until your brother is settled to get you much deserved attention.  Daddy and I love playing with you and watching you take in the world around you.  This week you have really discovered your hands and you spend a lot of time staring at them and their movements. You are really playing now and love to hit the toys on your play mat.  You love to laugh even though no sounds come out. 
You seem to be getting a hold of this sleep thing and are pretty easy to put down.  You love cuddling with momma but you fall asleep relatively easily and you seem to have a pretty calm presence most of the time. Neither you or your brother sleep through the night but you are getting close. You have had some 6 and 7 hour sleeps and I know before long you will be sleeping the night away. When you wake up in the night for a feeding you seem to smile the entire time. You melt your dads heart and he can barely put you down to go back to sleep. Mommy has to remind him that you need your sleep or daddy would hang out with you all night long.  
You seem to like tummy time and are really pushing your head up and it looks like you will be crawling in no time.  You love pushing up on the breast feeding pillow and checking out your surrounding.
You my little friend have thinned out of the past couple of months.  We used to call you our bruiser or the big guy but that no longer suits you.  You are getting leaner and your face has really thinned out.  We send your grandparents pictures and they say you change daily.
You also seem to love music and singing.  Mommy sings to you all day long and you love it.  You smile and move your mouth like you wish you could join in.  You imitate the shapes mommy makes with her mouth and you and mommy even have your own singing games.  Mommy has discovered that when she sticks out her tongue you will stick yours out too. 
I love you my little Huddy Buddy, My Buddah Boy, my Bubbah Baby, my Buddah Buddy Boy!

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  1. These are such sweet words! You will definitely enjoy reading these later when your boys are bigger. They're both so darn cute!!!