Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Four Months

Four Months

My babies turned 4 months old on Sunday and I am loving every minute with them.  Wow, what a ride! How your life can change in just minutes is still unbelievable to me. I love these boys with everything I am,  I can't imagine life without their smiling faces.  Whenever they look into my eyes they literally melt my heart.  For the first two months every time both of them looked at me with their intense little stare I literally started bawling (hubby thought I was insane). 
You are starting to calm down (a bit). Mommy thinks you might have been a bit overtired and now that we are putting you down for naps sooner you have relaxed a bit.  You are still constantly in motion but we wouldn't have it any other way.  Your smile is huge and you could light up an entire room.  You don't just give your smiles away either, people have to work for them but they are soooo worth the effort.  You are a wiggler and a squirmer and it is so adorable.  Today you actually rolled over for the first time and when I say rolled I should say squirmed your way over.  Mommy needs to remember not to leave you on the change table or couch any more because we don't want to have any accidents. Your eye has cleared up which is such a relief, no more eye boogers. You are getting much better at this sleep thing.  You only wake up once in the night and it is now around 4am for a quick bottle and then back to sleep until 8am.. Mommy and daddy are enjoying the extra sleep and it just makes morning even more special because mommy is even more excited to see you.  You give me the best smiles in the morning and I cant wait to play with you.  You still haven't mastered the whole self soothing thing but that's okay.  Mommy probably isn't helping because she loves to cuddle and rock you until you are fast asleep.  Daddy has decided that sleep training is the way to go but he is only home at night so what he doesn't know wont hurt him. Daddy choose the method where he lets you cry for 5 minutes and then for 10 minutes.  You usually win though because we just aren't ready to let you cry.  Most times you fall asleep after 15 minutes of this so called training (I keep telling daddy you aren't a dog) but when it goes on longer than 25 minutes daddy gives in and picks you up (I know that is only making it worse for when we do decide to train but I guess we aren't ready yet).  You sleep for 12 hours at night (minus the 20-30 mins for your bottle) and then have 2 or 3 naps (approx. an hour to 2 hours long) You are starting to eat less often and take in a bit more at each feedings.  It seems so civilized.  You have just started to discover your hands and you are mesmerized by them.  You are playing with your hanging toys on your playmat like crazy and your legs literally never stop. 
I love you, I love you, I love you.
My sweet faced boy.  You are a flirt and the women love you. You bat those eyelashes and smile with a squint. You are my even tempered boy who is so cool and collected it kills me.  You are just so easy going and relaxed all of the time.  When you fuss daddy and I are shocked because it just doesn't happen.  You are a sleeper now.  You love to sleep and have been sleeping through the night from 9pm until 8am for about a week.  You also  love your naps and some of them last up to 3 hours You are pretty easy to put to sleep and you are even able to sleep through your brothers crying.  You have really slimmed out my boy, your brother has caught up to you and even surpassed your weight. Your features have even become more refined, I can barely recognize you from your baby pictures.  You give mommy great smiles and cuddles.  You love rocking in the chair and singing with mommy. You are now the more vocal baby.  Fynn still cries louder and more often but you are the one who is starting to babble and make happy noises.  You are really working hard to learn to speak and you study mommy and daddy to see how they are doing it.  You are a serious eater and you don't get distracted.  You eat with purpose and get through a bottle fast.  We know when you aren't hungry because you just refuse to take the bottle.  You are a pleasure to be around and I love you to pieces. You love playing with toys and you still study your hands frequently.  You and your brother both suck on your hands now and you love to put stuff in your mouth.  You have just figures out how to hold a toy (although just for a few seconds) and you love to put Sophie the giraffe in your mouth.  I love you my boy and it is a pleasure being your mom.
Fynn has really found his smile and his tongue

Brothers, our version of tummy time because they hate it flat on the carpet

Squishy bums!

 Just hanging with their bestie
 I am such a big boy and I am so delicious and cute
 Hudson my sweet boy with a sweet smile
 Hudson thinking quit taking my picture this is getting old
 Who's 4 months old, this guy is!


  1. Oh my goodness, they're just so incredibly adorable!!! I love how in love with them you are...

  2. They are so super cute! I love, love, love that squishy bums pic!! So wonderful to see and hear about the boys.

  3. Oh my goodness they are just too cute!!!! You are one blessed momma.

  4. They are just precious! Happy 4 months!

  5. Happy four months :) they are soo adorable!