Thursday, May 19, 2011

Frustration and Gratitude

I am disliking my fertility clinic more and more by the day but I am trying to move past it. The fact is that I want to move forward sooner than later and I have jumped through too many hoops to move to another clinic now. So why am I frustrated, where do I start. I questioned the long protocol that they told me my sister would be using and they had no explanation for why they chose it, basically they said they chose it because it is the standard. They didn't take into consideration: her age, her extremely high E2 (estrogen) and her low antral follicle count. Um......what!!!! Freakin Ridiculous!!!!!
Anyways, what this means is that we could have started the antagonist cycle today and now we will have to wait another month because they didn't get back to me until today. Actually I wouldn't have done it this month anyways. Then mentioned when they called me back to change protocols that we will move ahead this month but because my uterus isn't primed they would freeze any embryos that were made. That seems ridiculous to me because fresh cycles have a higher success rates then FETs so why would I ever do that instead of waiting until next month. I am wondering if they suggested this because originally when we were planning to do the long protocol I mentioned that we wanted to do the long protocol ASAP because my sister is moving this summer. It seems like common sense to me that with faced with having to do an FET instead of a fresh cycyle anyone would chose the fresh cycle. Plus the timeline will be pretty much the same except for the fact that she won't be on the pill. Seriously do they have any common sense? Sometimes I think I am going crazy because they seem to make simple things so complex. Unless there is something I am missing??? Is there any reason someone would chose to do an FET instead of a fresh transfer? My uterus has been checked and there are no abnormalities to speak of.
Okay, moving on to the gratitude portion of this post. I want to say thanks to JN for the comment on my last post or I wouldn't have questioned the protocol and things might have ended in disaster. If we are going to do this once it it be as aggressive as possible. Plus I am obviously grateful to my sister for rolling with things and for not jumping ship at this point!!!


  1. Sorry your doc is being so frustrating! I have no advice, but keep up with the persistence!!! Your sister is amazing... Make sure you get her a good gift or something!

  2. That is not a nice feeling - feeling like your clinic doesn't know what it's doing. Very strange about the FET suggestion. I am hoping this is just a fluke and that it all comes together when it's go time.

  3. Ugh, it does sound like you're having to fight quite a battle with your RE's office. Keep at it, though. I really hope that they get the right protocol and that everything lines up so you can do a fresh transfer. Keeping all my fingers and toes crosseed for you!