Monday, May 23, 2011

DHEA anyone?????

I am not sure why I have never heard of DHEA but it had been brought to my attention. All of a sudden my parents know another fertility specialist who they happened to talk to over dinner and he wants to give me a second opinion (um....where have they been hiding this man). They were telling him about our ordeal over the past month and he was interested in giving me some options and opinions. I wish we could rewind 2 years have my parents suggest him instead of the doctor I go to now. He is closer and seems to give a shit about my situation. Anyways I am going to call him tomorrow to discuss my "case" but I checked out his fertility clinic today to get a feeling for the clinic. It turns out they do tons of research on a suppliment called DHEA. It is for older women and I don't know why I haven't heard about it. Has anyone used it??? I can't buy it in Canada without a prescription but I am going to read about it just in case he will write me one.


  1. I have heard of it, do not know much about it though. A friend used it for her IVF and it caused her to get a very high testosterone which caused her IVF to be cancelled. I guess it is not suitable for everyone which is what I am trying to say

  2. i've seen a number of bloggers talk about being on it but i can't think of who specifically. i feel like it's maybe even those with DOR/high FSH/POF b/c i think i was surprised it was never mentioned to me either. you might try searching for it on stirrup.queen's searchable blogroll (there's a link to my sidebar) and see what blogs pop up that talk about it.

  3. Do you read Maddy's blog? ( I've emailed with her, and another woman ( about their supplements. It IS for DOR/High FSH/POF. Have your read "Inconceivable" by Julia Indichova? If you haven't, you should. It's a great book.

    Maddy has done a TON of research on just about anything, and would be a good go-to source. When I e-mailed back and forth with In-Vitroveritas, she gave me a lot of good information as well.

    I'm starting to feel like a stalker, but I'm interested in your journey because it's so similar to mine! :)

  4. I've heard of DHEA. There are some limited studies which suggest it improves egg quality.

    It is available over the counter here in the U.S. I took it for a while, and it didn't help me. Your results may vary.

  5. I'd never heard of DHEA until I read your post today and then I happened to be reading Dr. Sher's forum later and stumbled on this post. I don't know much beyond trusting Dr. Sher as on of the top REs in the nation and one of the most forthcoming with info. What does your doc say about this stuff?