Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well, there is a heat wave and it is really hitting us hard. I decided to teach summer school and my school doesn't have air conditioning so I am sweating my tits off. I am teaching sports in the afternoon and I literally come home soaking wet, however I am choosing to see this as a positive and maybe I will sweat some of my fat ass off. I would like to say we have central air at home but that isn't the case either. We do have a window unit but it isn't enough to cool the entire house down. Last night we actually dragged the mattress from the spare room into the dining room (where the unit is located) and slept in the dining room. Actually we both slept like babies so it wasn't all that bad in the end.
As far as the endo and baby stuff goes as always there is nothing new to report. It has been 4 months since the surgery to remove my cysts and I am supposed to be going to see the doctor this month for another follow up. Unfortunately the doctor has 3 weeks off in July so I have to wait until August 12. This just leaves me with extra time to try and figure out what the next step in my fertility journey will be. From reading other ladies blogs I think my assumptions were wrong about what is going to happen next. I had thought maybe my dr would put me on a low dosage of clomid but it sounds like that isn't encouraged in endo because it will just make it grow faster. I also though that trying an IUI would be an option but some of the women have written that with stage 4 endo IUIs are a waste of time. I hate waiting, I torture myself with all of the possibilities. I guess the worst he could say is that we should just keep on with the waiting and watching approach because it is just plain painful.

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  1. The school I used to teach at also didn't have AC, and it was torture (for me and the students!). I am glad you are trying to be positive about it.

    I hear you on the waiting front. I hate waiting!!!