Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pictures from Hudson and Fynn's 2nd Birthday Party

                                       My attempt to be crafty, I had a cuter banner ordered from Etsy but hubby  threw it in the garbage because he didn't know what it was :(
                                You probably can't tell but these were collages of the boys over the year in the shape of the number 2
            The boys are obsessed with all things cars and trucks so that was our theme
                                               Hudson's collage, I take terrible pictures
                                             Fynn's Collage
                          Canada Olympic hats and Cheetos make a great gift :)
                                               Fynn learning to blow out a candle
                                                 Pictures of the brothers together
                             Grandma and Grandpa were home for the party :)
                                              Hudson has cool shades for his party
                                               They loved playing with the balloons :)


  1. Looks like a great party and like the boys had lots of fun!! I love the one of them eating their cheetos! :) Oh my gosh, did you lose it on your husband for throwing out the banner from Etsy?! Eek! Of course he didn't mean to but still a shame. But hey, it looked great anyway!!

    1. I literally hunted for that banner for days, I was loosing my mind. I can't even talk about it to him because I get so mad. He is notorious for throwing things out. Seriously he throws out the tooth brush holder if he thinks it is dirty, and my kitchen garbage can. It is an ongoing frustration and if I spend any time thinking about it I get hot in the face.....lol. The Cheetos picture makes me laugh too, they hadn't really ever had them before and they were clinging to them for dear life. They look like total disasters in the picture, I love it. If you can't get dirty on your birthday then when can you :) Hope you are well, I am going to go to your blog now and see how you are doing.