Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Big Boy Rooms

We moved into our house in April of last year and we didn't have much money to decorate. We basically moved in, slapped a couple of pictures on the wall and that was it. With the boys' second birthday coming up and knowing we had almost been in the house for a year we started to start on their rooms. We are still on a very limited budget so instead of asking for toys and games for the boys (they have a ton) we asked for room d├ęcor. I really like how they are looking.
Hudson's Room
 I found this awesome shop online and my sister gave the boys each a name plate for outside of their room for Christmas. I loved the colours so much I decided to use it as inspiration for their rooms. The theme of their rooms is now  transportation because I didn't stick to the initial car theme.
This is my favourite angle of the room :)
                              The route 66 sign and tractor are tin and eventually I would love it if that entire little area had tin signs covering it (not in the budget right now)
   I had the hardest time finding ANYTHING to cover these windows, for now they are just those easy fit shades in a beige colour but eventually I would like to get custom made blinds in a cool pattern. I am also thinking about doing some book shelves across the bottom of that wall
                       This is the glider from their nursery I would prefer to get a new chair but one step at a time. My friend Kim ordered Hudson a red hand carved Play sign for above his little chalk board
 My sister's friend made that cool ruler growth chart in the corner
 These are the vintage cars that were the inspiration for their nursery

Fynn's Room

                       My friend Kim also bought Fynn a sign that says READ in orange to go next to his book case and over his bean bag chair
                              This believe sign was given to me when I was trying to conceive
                        Fynn's personalized pillow bought by my sister for his first birthday


  1. I love how similar but totally different they are! Have they always had their own rooms? We have the boys sharing, and while I OFTEN think it'd be a million times easier if they didn't, I also think they would miss eachother SO much!

  2. Totally cute! When did you separate the boys into their own rooms? I'm planning on having our twins in the same room for the foreseeable future...I'm not sure if I'm crazy or not. :)

  3. I think most twin MoMs keep them together mine just didn't nap well and I needed more sleep than the other. I separated them at 6 months when napping was a major challenge. If they ever ask to sleep together I will be happy to have them share again :) also there is an awesome Facebook page called Multiple Munchkins you should join :)

  4. Oops should read, one needed more sleep but hey I needed sleep too......haha

  5. Their rooms are very cute!! I love them!!!
    Great job on decorating!

  6. Oh wow!! I love love love both of their rooms!! They look like room out of magazines! And love the photos of those cuties as well of course ;)