Sunday, October 17, 2010


So I haven't really felt like writing lately. Mostly because I have been busy with school but also because nothing much is new. We decided not to do the study and we have had our first consultation regarding IVF. I still don't really understand the timeline but it sounds like if all went well we could be pregnant the 2/3 week of December. I am super excited but also very realistic. I have read so many blogs and I know that IVF is not a definite especially with my endometriosis. I am writing this it has just occured to me that I put my birth control pill out with the garbage ( I bet is was my subconscience agression). Now I have to go out to the garage and wade through the most disgusting bag of garbage I have seen in a long time...we had pasta and seafood last night and I dumped the extra sauce into the bag!!!! I can't concentrate until I get those freakin pills


  1. good luck with your upcoming IVF cycle. i'm going through number 3 right now and just had my retrieval today. hoping your 1st will be your last.

  2. hope you found the birth control pills. good luck with IVF. I hope it is successful.

  3. Hey - Thanks for commenting on my blog. It helps to be reminded that I'm not alone in my feelings. I hope the start of IVF goes well for you....and the ending too of course! :)
    A teacher, eh? I taught for 7 years before trying something new this year.