Friday, September 24, 2010

The saga continues

I have been busy at school getting back into the swing of things. I am always surprised how long it takes for things to fall into place. The kiddies are still in shock with the changes from last year (this is the first year they change classrooms for various subjects). I feel like it is taken a bit longer to bond with this group but I seem to remember thinking that last year.
On the baby making front we decided not to do the study. We just didnt think it was the right fit for us. We went back to talk to our fertility clinic that we have been with for the past year and we are going for our first IVF consult on Oct 4. I actually feel better about the clinic because hubby came with me and I finally got most of my questions answered (although I still think the doctor has no idea who I am). He also assured us that hubby's sperm is excellent. I have read and he confirmed without my prompting that all labs have different criteria and they have consider anything over 3% great and generally never see over 4%.


  1. Don't you love when the RE tries his/her hardest to pretend they know you, when underneath they're going, "Oh wow...who the heck ARE you? Are you even my patient? Hmmm, yup that's my writing. Oh well...I've gotten good at pretend." lol

    Much luck to you on Oct 4th. :-D

  2. Hope your IVF consult went great. Looking forward to hearing about it!