Friday, June 21, 2013

15/16 months Months Old

Lately I have been loving reading other people's blogs but am not motivated to post on mine. I feel like I just repeat myself every month but then I am mad at myself for not recording everything when I look back.

15 & 16 months
We moved into our new house at the end of April and it took about 2 weeks to get settled in and for you to get used to your new room. You slept at Grandma and Grandpas for 2 nights and I missed you like crazy. You are so funny and you crack me up daily. Like every month I have to say you have so much energy and you are into everything. It took me 2 entire weeks to baby proof the house and you still find things to get into. You climb on everything and it scares the beep out of me. You have fallen off of the couch and every other piece of furniture in the house. I have a safety lock on everything but you still find trouble. You are so quick that you have snuck into the bathroom more than once and unrolled at least 3 full rolls of toilet paper when daddy forgot to secure the latch.
Daddy built you a little slide and climber in the backyard (it took him about 5 and you love going down it upside down and backwards. You also love swimming in our kiddie pool and sitting in your watertable.
Last Sunday was Father's Day and you scared daddy to death. We were at Grandma and Grandpa's house and you kept darting for their pool. You love swimming but you have to learn the safety rules! Work with me here because daddy already loves you so much that he worries about your safety so this isn't helping our cause my boy.
You are still walking on your toes bud but we got you some better shoes so hopefully that will get you walking on your feet. I have to say that I think your toe walking is so cute but I know it isn't the best thing for your legs and feet.
You are starting to talk a little bit but mommy wants to make sure she is doing everything to help you progress a bit faster. She has booked a speech referral just to get some tips. Currently you say: momma (very rarely and it could be milk), dada, book, ball, car, baba (bottle), byebye, hi and yes. Mommy has to remember that you guys were born early and that twins and boys generally talk a little later.
You love books my boy and I couldn't be happier. Mommy was waiting for this stage and I love it each time (about a million times a day) you sit yourself in my lap and flip the pages.

Well my mellow guy is officially gone. You have been a bit "emotional" this month and we aren't used to seeing your "express" yourself so much. You are a master at throwing a fit and you fall on the floor sobbing and screaming at the drop of a dime. It is alway over small things and they don't last long but it is quite a site. You also love to follow your brother around and steal his toys or take whatever he has in his hands (bottles and food included). I think you are just showing your love and admiration for
You have fallen in love with a stuffed bear that we call Monroe. You sleep all cuddled up with him and it is literally the cutest thing I have EVER seen. You are also more snuggly than ever before and it melts my heart. Nearly once a week I still find myself in tears because I can't believe how lucky I am to have my babies in my arms. I know other previously infertile moms say that they almost forget the pain of  their journey but I have to say I think of it often
You have the cutest/funniest little bum ever. I know if you ever read this blog as an adult you will hate to read this but as a mom I have to mention it. It is squishy and looks unbelievably adorable when you march up and down the hallway after your nighly bath. Daddy and I get a real chuckle because you are so cute.
Your eating is funny lately and you usually have one big meal a day and then just peck at your food at other meals. Both you and your brother have picked up the bad habbit of throwing everything off of your highchair tray when you don't want it or are finished eating. It is NOT cute. We will work on that my boy.
You eyes changed colour this month. People told me after 9 months eye colour is set and that isn't the case. You and your brother were my blue eyed boys but yours have changed to a grey/green/hazel colour. They are beautiful and I love that you look even more like your dada (who has amazing eyes too).
This month we also had a consult for a little surgery that you will be having at the end of November. I can't lie my perfect baby boy I do not know how I am going to deal with this. I don't want anyone to cause my baby any pain and the idea of you hurting for even a minute makes me want to cry. I know that the doctors wouldn't recommend something you don't need but when we were in the hospital my instict was to wrap you in my arms and run out of there. I know that isn't rational but when it comes to my boys my heart takes over. Luckily daddy is level headed and makes me use my brain and stay rational.
We have our 16 month drs appointment next week and I am curious to see your measurements. You guys seem to be little peanuts compared to other kids your same age. Maybe mommy just sees you as babies.

I LOVE you my boys and you are all of my dreams come true
 Fynn on the "roller coaster" in the backyard

 Hudson with his best friend Monroe the bear
The boys being naughty playing with the umbrella (spear) from their water table

 Daddy and Huddy
Huddy at the park
 Best Buds
 Fynn at the park
Cousin Georgia and Hudson

 Fynn climbing on the same step where he got that cut over his eye. I don't "think" it will scar.
Fynn sitting in his water table. I have wild children!!!!


  1. Wow I never knew about the eye color when it would change. Is Fynn still blue-eyed?

    1. I didn't know it was possible either, yes Fynn's are very blue :)

  2. Some eyes do take longer, V's changed really soon. That's really neat about your kiddos though :)

    Growing so much! Love the photos.

  3. Sounds like they are doing wonderfully! :) I wouldn't think that many words at 16 months was behind at all... is it? This makes me worry about Lids!

    So many great photos!! They are getting so big!!

    1. Some say 20 by 16 months, others say 20 by 18 months. Most of their words are sounds and not full words they are a bit behind. I think we all worry :)

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