Thursday, April 18, 2013

14 Months

You boys are so busy it is amazing to watch you go. You really get around quickly and get into EVERYTHING. That has been the case for months but it still amazes me what you find and how quickly you find it. I am realizing that you aren't my babies anymore as you toddle around the house. You are more sturdy on your feet now but you still have your accidents. Hudson this month you seemed to have a permenant bruise on your forehead from one spill or another.
Well you personality has changed a bit this month. You are still my happy smiley guy but you also have other sides to you. You like to follow your brother around and take interest in the toys he is playing with. You seem to have a stronger grip on things and often manage to "acquire" whatever it is he is playing with, much to his dismay. Then you throw an absolute fit if I give it back to him. Thank goodness we have two of almost everything!  You love being outside (thank goodness the weather is finally getting warmer)and you love playing on the front porch.  You seem to stay close to mommy when we are out in public although you love being around other kids. You make sure to check in with me regularly making sureI am not too far from you. Another thing I have noticed is you are a little hesitant about walking on sand at the park but don't worry you'll get used to it. You do like tasting the sand Another thing that really cracks me up, although it is quite bizarre, is you digging in the couch cushins for crumbs and then eating them. You are keeping mommy on top of the vacuuming otherwise who knows what you would find in there. It cracks me up because I just imagine you going to visits a friend's house and bee lining it to their couch for a snack......yuck. I don't know why I find this so funny, it is just so random. You are really working on your talking this month and you are starting to say more "words". For now the only words I recognize as words are "Mama, Dada, Dat (that), Dis (this), Ba (Ball), Baba (Bottle), P (up), Yum.
Man you are fast, and always moving, you literally run around the house all of your waking hours. You are an all or nothing kind of guy. You are either yelping with happiness or melting down with frustration. You want to be able to do what you want when you want. You laugh so hard when you are happy and squel with delight. You also whine a lot and patient is not a word I would use to describe you. You love sitting in my lap and are just taking a real interest in books (thank goodness because mommy has been dying for this to happen). You guys have been in a great sleep pattern for 6 months now but I think things are shifting slightly. We used to just place you in your crib after our standard 100 bounces on the yoga ball but suddenly you are fighting your sleep a little bit. I have a feeling you might be transitioning down to one nap a day but mommy isn't ready for that. You crack me up buddy because you are so wild. For the last couple of days we have been waiting out front for daddy to welcome him home from work and it is like rangling a wild animal. You have NO fear and want to check out everything. The other day we were in the park and you saw a dog. You haven't had much exposure to animals so I was very curious to see how you would react. You loved him, and went right up and patted him on the head and looked right into his eyes. I am glad you were comfortable but also wondered if this was a natural reaction. You got 4 new teeth this month and we sure did notice it more than in previous months. You guys are still very good eaters and basically eat whatever you are given (meats, vegetables, fish, fruit and dairy).  You did seem to have a bit of a reaction to peanut butter (a rash) and because of grandpas allergy we will probably avoid it until we see the doctor next month.  Mommy still gives you some formula but you have transitioned well to milk. You aren't quite as interested in talking but you are making lots of sounds and have a few words "Mama, Dada, baba (bottle), Ba (Ball)". I think your new found interest in books will help us catch up on the word thing this month.

I love you my boys and it is so neat to watch you grow and to see your personalities emerge.

Excuse the pictures, I can't find my battery charger so these are from my phone. Plus the boys don't stay still so aren't the easiest subjects

Fynn playing at the Science Centre

                                                Hudson wishing everyone a Happy Easter 

                                            Fynn not in the mood to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

                                       Fynn found the snacks when mommy was putting Hudson down for his nap!

                                                     Hudson enjoy a rare sunny day!

                                        Another picture of Fynn with something in his mouth.

Lol, this is Hudson when he is very tired after a big trip to the zoo!

Oops a repeat I suck at technology!


  1. Aww sounds like they are a lot of fun right now! Lids is the same with the perma-bruise on her head!!! :/ Ohh walking!! Love all of the photos. Both such handsome little boys!

  2. Aww, happy 14 months to them! Growing so fast!

  3. Happy 14 months cute guys! I can't believe they are this old already!