Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today is Mother`s Day and I am crying this year again but for very different reasons .  The tears won`t stop and I am sure Hudson and Fynn are looking at me like I am a crazy person.  Like any infertile, Mother`s Day was always a hard one for me but you would expect that this Mother`s Day I would be all smiles.  Trust me the tears are of pure joy and gratitude.  I am the luckiest Mother in the world!!!! I feel so overwhelmed with happiness that I just can`t stop the tears from pouring out. I am thinking of everyone of you still in the trenches and wishing and hoping for your babies to come soon!  I believe there is a baby for everyone so I hope the road that leads you to your baby appears for you all soon.  Sorry to be so sappy but I am emotional. 
Happy Mother`s Day to everyone; Practicing Mothers,  Mothers to be, hopeful Mothers, and Mother`s to children they have lost. 
but most of all HAPPY MOTHER`S DAY TO MY SISTER, thanks for helping make me become a mother.


  1. This made me cry!! My first mother's day too. Enjoy every second!!

  2. Love this post : ) My little miracles are still in utero, but nonetheless, this was the most emotional mother's day I have ever experienced. Enjoy your blessings!

  3. Thanks hon. Thanks for remembering, honoring and hoping for all of us.

  4. Beautiful post, KC...Happy Mother's day to you!