Tuesday, January 22, 2013

11 months, another sweet spot

It's hard to believe that we are coming up on a year and I couldn't be more excited for my boys. This has been the best year of my life and I am so excited to continue this journey with you guys.  This past month was great and we have hit another sweet spot.  You recovered from all of our travelling and holiday madness and have slipped into our best routine yet! You are both happy and healthy little boys who love playing with each other.
Mr. Blue eyes you have had a great month.  You are still my busy guy but once in a very rare while you will actually sit in my lap for a quick cuddle, and man does that melt my heart.  However, most of the time you pull on my leg for me to pick you up but it isn't to sit with momma it is because you want to get your hands on something. This month you have figured how to climb up on everything, including stairs. Daddy and I have the stairs blocked off at home so we were amazed that when visiting Uncle Greg's you and your brother were able to climb multiple stairs without a moments hesitation.  You love climbing onto the chair in the front room so you can watch out of the window. I always take you upstairs when daddy is coming home so you can welcome him home.
This month you guys are back to eating tons. The volume of food you consuming is actually amazing. You have tried every new food mommy can think of and with the exception of bananas and avacodo (which you used to love) you love everything.
Your sleep is what most amazes me this month. Holy cow little man you have made such a break through.  Most nights you sleep through the night (13 full hours) and you have gone from 3 naps to 2 longer naps. You still don't sleep well when you aren't at home in your own crib but hey that is to be expected because mommy has kept you pretty close to home

You have also had a very busy and wonderful month.  You seem to be on the verge of walking and love to scoot around the basement with your walker.  It never seems sturdy to mommy but you sure get around and it is very rare for you to fall or even slow down. This month you also learned to wave and it is so adorable. You wave hello and goodbye with the biggest smile all over your face.  I think you might also have learned your first word but it also might be a coincidence. You often say "up" at the appropriate time but because it is such a short word it might just be mommy's imagination.
You also have been eating anything and everything this month. We call you the cheese monster because you literally could eat your weight in cheese. When mommy first introduces foods you make the funniest faces and it looks like you don't like them but after a few tries you seem to like everything.
Your sleeping has been much better this month too. You are down to 2 naps too and very easy to put down.  You also have been sleeing an average of 13 hours per night with one wake up around 11pm for a quick bottle.

Well next month is the big one my boys and we are going to celebrate!!!


  1. So glad they are sleeping like rock stars! I don't blame them for not sleeping well in different places, Aiden and I don't either! We like the comfort of our own bed/crib! Did you decide on a theme for the big FIRST birthday? They are so adorable and look like they have the sweetest personalities!

  2. It sounds like both of your little guys are doing so well!! What awesome little sleepers. And wow, one month until the big day?! So soon!!! :) I love tese photos. They are two handsome little guys, that is for certain.

  3. They are so cute. Glad they are sleeping better.

  4. Seriously, those boys are just adorable in the way that girls are just going to melt. :) xoxox

  5. Look at your rockstars! They are too cute you must be a very proud momma!

  6. I can't believe the boys are almost one! What happened to our babies?!
    Also really jealous about their sleep habits... That's still a battle here :(

    1. Well MV is too busy walking to worry about sleeping.....lol. Yes this year has flown by, it is sad but also really exciting that they are turning one!