Friday, October 21, 2011

Donor Eggs Rule!!!!

I am over the moon with excitement!!!! My blogging friend and fellow egg donor recipient Tippy (Kathleen) just got her BFP and she deserves it so much!!! She has supported me through my ups and downs and is an amazing woman! I have been waiting and watching all week and her dreams have finally come true. Thank god because I would have been very angry at the world if it didn't work out for her. Actually she might have a baseball team of children one day because she still has 6 frosties waiting for her. How life can change in only a few minutes!!! I know it is cliche but seriously you have to hold onto hope and pursue every option open to you. No it isn't easy, it definitely doesn't happen the way you dream, but it can happen and it might be happening to Tippy and I. I say might because I am still damaged from my years in the trenches and until I am holding my babies I won't be overly confident. My point is we are no longer hopeless.
I know this is a terrible thing to read for anyone still in the trenches but in my opinion Tippy and I were hopeles less than a year ago (Sorry Tippy but seriously we were in a sad state). We are both mature (Again Tippy not the nicest thing to say but hey, you are younger than me) and have useless eggs. Look at us now, we are both knocked up and hopeful that one day we will bring home a baby or two (or 7 in Tippy's case). I know I could be cursing myself but I am just so happy to have any hope.
Anyways, a big congrats to Tippy and I hope our babies might meet one day. I would love for you to go and congratulate Tippy yourselves but I am pretty sure she went private. Although you could give it a try at


  1. Oh KC!!!! This is a beautiful post. Thank you SOOO much!!! I totally feel like I'm in the "might" stage.. I'm not happy yet, but at least I'm not sad and devestated that this didn't fail :-) Oh, the emotions that we deal with, huh? I wish it could just be bliss from here on out.

    My blog is not private, i'm just more anonymous on it, so no one can identify me IRL..

    Anyways, this is THE sweetest post :-) Big big hugs.

  2. Awwww!!! I love this tribute to Tippy! She IS awesome online and IRL and absolutely deserves the heck out of a BFP like this. :D